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The Bona System includes everything needed to bring out the best in wooden floors.  

Together these compatible products combine to deliver Bona's 'Lifetime Support' to specifiers, contractors and owners throughout the lifetime of the floor.

Bona's reactive adhesives also carry an important classification - EMICODE EC1 which classifies them as very low emission products.  Bona's reactive adhesives also carries the EU Ecolabel 'flower logo' to demonstrate its combination of low environmental impact and high performance.

Bona Mega 1ltrBona Mega 1ltr
bona Mega 5lbona Mega 5l
Bona Novia 5ltrBona Novia 5ltr
Bona Traffic Matt 4.95ltrsBona Traffic Matt 4.95ltrs
Bona Traffic HardenerBona Traffic Hardener
Bona Carls Hardwax oil 2.5ltrBona Carls Hardwax oil 2.5ltr
Bona Carls Hardwax oil 0.75ltrBona Carls Hardwax oil 0.75ltr
Bona Naturale 4.5LtrBona Naturale 4.5Ltr
Bona Prime 5ltrBona Prime 5ltr
Bona Prime Classic 1ltrBona Prime Classic 1ltr
Bona Parquet Polish Matt 1ltrBona Parquet Polish Matt 1ltr
Bona R850 7kg wood flooring glueBona R850 7kg wood flooring glue
Bona R850 15kg wood flooring glueBona R850 15kg wood flooring glue
Bona Mix & Fill 1LtrBona Mix & Fill 1Ltr
Bona Mix & Fill 5LtrBona Mix & Fill 5Ltr
Bona D550 Speed Primer 5LBona D550 Speed Primer 5L
Bona H650 Speed 25kgBona H650 Speed 25kg
Bona Moisture Barrier 7KgBona Moisture Barrier 7Kg
Bona Cleaner 5LBona Cleaner 5L
Bona Freshen Up 5LBona Freshen Up 5L
Bona Polish 5LBona Polish 5L
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner 1LBona Wood Floor Cleaner 1L
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner Refill 4LBona Wood Floor Cleaner Refill 4L
Bona Applicator PadBona Applicator Pad
Bona Cleaning PadBona Cleaning Pad
Bona Dusting PadBona Dusting Pad
Bona Remove 1LBona Remove 1L
Bona Sportive 10LBona Sportive 10L
Bona Sportive Primer 10LBona Sportive Primer 10L
Bona Sportive Hardner 1LBona Sportive Hardner 1L
Bona Sportive Cleaner 5LBona Sportive Cleaner 5L
Bona Wood Floor Cleaner CartridgeBona Wood Floor Cleaner Cartridge

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